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Consulting Experience: 20 years   |   
Business Experience: 26 years   |  

Highly experienced business professional with excellent advisory skills.

Background: Independent
Business Experience: 26 years
Consulting Experience: 20 years

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Karl Saynor

Karl Saynor – Chief Experience Officer, Independent Consultant​

Ex Accenture, 18 years digital consulting experience​

Why I joined the advisorybay marketplace?


Working independently, I need to manage my own pipeline of workMany of my engagements come from recommendation, but there are times when I wish that being introduced to new and interesting opportunities was easierThat's where advisorybay comes in

Whilst there are platforms that effectively publish my CV, I've found that nothing else compares in terms of usefulnessadvisorybay brings together top-tier clients needing help on challenging projects with like-minded and high quality consultantsPlus, adding a global channel where I get free marketing so customers can find and contact me directly was an obvious choiceI'm using advisorybay initially to find smaller jobs in-between my longer-term projects to capitalize my extra capacity

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